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Here at EXPOL we’re doing our part to reduce waste by responsibly recycling polystyrene waste into products that help Kiwis live in warmer, dryer more energy efficient homes. Each year our 7 recycling plants throughout New Zealand collect and recycle over 400 tons of waste polystyrene. This waste polystyrene is recycled back into EXPOL products.

In order to support our various recycling programmes we have developed the EXPOL Live App to make arranging polystyrene waste collections quicker and easier than ever before.

We have made a video that demonstrates use of the EXPOL Live App – check it out below.

If you would like to find out more about the EXPOL Live App and how we can support your polystyrene recycling efforts please call us on 0800 86 33 73 and ask to speak to Cameron Brooks.

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