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At EXPOL we’ve made a commitment to the environment and take responsible environmental manufacturing seriously. We are focused on a true closed-loop manufacturing process.  75% of the products (by volume) we sell use recycled content, and we have plans and concepts in place to do even better.  Read below to find out more about EXPOL’s commitment to the Environment.

To find out how you can recycle your household, building site, or commercial polystyrene waste click here. 

Polystyrene Recycling


EXPOL’S polystyrene insulation products are made in New Zealand, using an environmentally responsible manufacturing process and are 100% recyclable.

98% of EXPOL insulation product is actually trapped air. As well as ensuring excellent thermal insulation properties this means the amount of raw material required is minimal.

75% of EXPOL products (by volume) contain recycled content.  This number continues to grow.

EXPOL insulation products are designed to create warmer, healthier homes reducing the need for heating and therefore energy consumption. Our products meet or exceed the building code and enable homes to achieve a Green Star rating.

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EXPOL has 7 manufacturing plants nationwide each containing a polystyrene recycling centre.

We recycle 400 tons of polystyrene a year – that is 3200 cubic metres per month.  This recycled content is used in brand new EXPOL products.

The manufacturing of EXPOL polystyrene insulation does not create CFCs or HCFCs.

Our factories are zero waste.

EXPOL and the environment

EXPOL and the environment


Sustainability at EXPOL doesn’t stop with our manufacturing operations. We have made a commitment to extend sustainable practices into the daily lives of our offices and factories.  We believe that every little bit counts.

Some examples include:

  • Office waste reduction and recycling initiatives
  • Energy efficiency initiatives such as LED lighting in our factories
  • Ongoing investment in manufacturing plant that improves our production efficiency
  • Employee wellbeing initiatives
  • Community involvement
EXPOL and the environment


EXPOL is a long-standing member of the leading industry associations Plastics New Zealand (EPS Sector), EPSA (EPS Australia) and the Asian Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene (AMEPS).

These organisations support and promote the recycling of polystyrene products and our membership gives EXPOL access to the latest advances in the field.

Sustainability Manager


The recent introduction of a full time Sustainability Manager in our business shows our commitment.

Cameron Brooks is responsible for every thread of our sustainability practises both externally and internally.

Email Cameron on if you need any further information on EXPOL and the environment.

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